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Report Topics Index

Each of these titles takes you to a list of links on report topics on a certain subject.

Introduction To Report Writer
Getting acquainted with Collect!'s report writer

Report Definition Basics
Opening the form Collect! uses for designing and modifying reports and letters.

Developing Your Letter Series
Getting your letters into Collect! so that you can start printing debtor notices.

How to Get Started Creating Reports and Letters
Basic information about setting up and designing reports and using the Report Body editor.

How To Format Reports and Letters
Using formatting codes for date, time, fonts, graphics, text justification and more.

How To Design Reports For Envelopes And Labels
Reports for printing addresses on envelopes, labels and letters to be sent in windowed envelopes.

How To Pull Information for Reports or Letters
Codes and guidelines for pulling information from records into your reports and letters.

How To Use Lists and Loops
Introduces coding guidelines for lists and looping routines.

How To Use Where and If Conditions
Introduces using Where and If clauses to filter data.

How To Perform Calculations on Data
Uses math, arithmetic operators and code to perform calculations on data.

How To Use Variables in Reports
Introduces the use of variables in report design.

How To Print Statements - Reports - Letters
Deals with specific types of statements and reports.

How To Batch Process Letters
Gives instructions for batch processing routines.

How To Create Reports and Letters
Deals with basics of creating letters and reports. Includes a few specific types of letters.

How To Import, Export or Copy Reports
Instructions for importing, exporting and copying reports. Also includes creating new report libraries.

How To Create Advanced Reports
Details miscellaneous report design topics of an advanced nature, including designing checks and HTML reports, using @include, writeback functions and using Arrays.

How To Create Web Host Reports
Introduces using Report Writer functions to create or modify reports for Collect!'s Web Host.

How To Find More Information
Sending information to Comtech Systems for support and custom reports.

Report Sample
View actual sample reports that you can import into Collect!

Report Writer Reference
Advanced technical quick list of printing codes and symbols used for report writing. This list does not go into details and is not for beginners.

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