Collect! Premise System Requirements

Collect! can be configured to meet the requirements of a wide variety of agencies, from a single user, to a multi-user installation that shares data across many offices. For a single user, we recommend the hardware and software configurations listed below under "User Workstations." For multi-user installations, we recommend running a dedicated server and equipping workstations with the hardware and software configurations listed below.

The capacity of the server's hard disk, the network and the workstations will determine the performance of your network. Fast machines, adequate RAM, fast hard drives and redundant gigabit network cards will allow your machines to make the best use of the software.

Dedicated Servers for Muli-User Environments

Item Minimum
Operating System Windows 2008/2012 Server
Processor Quad-Core 2.0 GHz
Memory 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 500 GB for Collect! data only (Dedicated Hard Drive Recommended)
Video 17" monitor 1024x768 or higher
Network 10/100/1000 Ethernet. Wireless networking is NOT recommended
Daily Backup Required (Offsite Recommended)
Power UPS - 1 hour minimum

Printing & Output

  • Collect! can print and output to many different systems and devices, depending on your requirements
  • Bi-directional (all-in-one) communications can cause delays. Printing to paper can be done on any printer for which you have compatible and current drivers
  • Collect! can output data in CSV, TXT, HTML, XML and RFT. As well, Collect! will print to email and can interface with many third party reporting systems using ODBC and DDC

Workstation / Single User

Item Minimum
Operating System Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate
Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise
Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise
Processor Intel/AMD Dual-Core 2.0 GHz or higher
Memory 2 GB
Hard Drive Operating System requirements. 200 GB
Video 17" monitor 1024x768 or higher
Printer Any Windows compatible printer with up-to-date drivers
Power Surge Protected
Optional Additional Software
(not required on all stations)
Microsoft Office
OpenOffice (Free)
Optional Additional Software for Import / Export
(not required on all stations)
UltraEdit -
PSPad - (Free)

For Local Area Networking

  • The networking built into today's Windows systems works well with Collect!
  • Unnecessary protocols and programs may slow down network and system operation
  • We strongly recommend engaging an experienced, qualified network technician to plan and set up your network and the Collect! system. Wireless N has been found to be more reliable than wireless G networks. An early investment in a functioning system will provide long term benefit.

Alternative Cloud Solution

Collect!'s Cloud Solution allows you to work anywhere in real time and reduces your hardware and IT staffing needs. The Cloud Solution is becoming increasingly popular due to its stability, reliability, economy, scalability and accessibility. If you want to put your effort into your core business, the Cloud Solution is worth checking out. You will sleep well knowing your data is stored in a highly secure data center with many built in redundancies. For more information, please click here.

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