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Troubleshooting Installation

Following the installation instructions should result in a successful installation of Collect! However, there are times when the installation does not proceed as expected. This topic addresses some of the issues you may encounter.

Disk Space

The full installation of Collect! needs about 300-350 MB of disk space. If you do not have enough free space, the installation will warn you of this and will not proceed.

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Access To Server

If you are installing Collect! in a multi user environment, you must have access to your network server so that you can install Collect! on the server.

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Admin Privileges

The CV11 Server must be started with ADMIN privileges. If the rds.exe is not started with ADMIN privileges, it will fail to launch and will display a message.

Please ensure that you have Administrative privileges on the machine where you install Collect!.

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Right To Create Files And Folders

Collect! needs full access to create program files, folders and Desktop icons.

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Path To Collect!

If you are not sure where you installed Collect! examine the target properties of the shortcuts that were installed on your Desktop during installation.

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