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Form Rights Basics

The Form Rights form is a subform of the Access Rights form. The Form Rights form is used specifically for setting rights and alias properties for the item whose Access Rights form you are viewing. The Form Rights form enables you to set specific rights for different user levels, setting properties according to the type of operator. For instance, in a medical office, your forms and fields can have labels that change depending on the user level of the operator who is signed in.

Form Rights form

User Level Pick Lists

The Form Rights Pick List field gives you the ability to assign a special pick list to a particular user level. This is very useful for limiting the operator's choices. For instance, you can create one pick list for your system level users and another for your collectors. An example would be the Debtor Status field. Perhaps you want your collectors to be able to change the Status, but limit them to a few choices. This is where you could benefit from setting the pick list in Form Rights for the user level you have assigned to your collectors.

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Accessing Form Rights

The Form Rights form is only accessible one way. Providing you have access to the various menus and forms, you can get to the Forms Rights form by opening the Access Rights form. Click into to Form Rights section of the Access Rights form to activate it. Several buttons appear now at the bottom of the Form Rights list.

1. If it is empty, you will be prompted to create a new Form Rights form. Select YES to open a new form.

2. Or, select the NEW button to create a new form.

3. Or, select the EDIT button to view and/or edit an existing item in the list.

4. Or, select an existing item in the list to view and/or edit the item.

tip.gif User Level 99 is not affected by form rights, or form and field properties. If you make changes, sign in as a level other than 99 to see the effects of your settings.

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